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Virtual Drum (Imacon/Flextight) Scan Service Prices

Fotomaru operates Imacon Flextight 848 virtual drum scanner to provide high quality scans.

* Virtual drum scan service: 35mm ~ 4x5 inches

Capacity of :

50M: 8,000 Won/cut
100M: 12,000 Won/cut
200M: 22,000 Won/cut
300M: 33,000 Won/cut
400M: 44,000 Won/cut
800M(16bit only): 88,000 Won/cut

... Approx. 100 Won per MB, for larger sizes. Larger than 400MB capacity is not recommended  - exceeding optical resolution limit.(up to 800MB in 16bit)

Approximate pixel dimension for each film formats are as follows, differs little bit by every scan.

- Results are provided in 8 bit TIFF by default.
- Dusts and scratches are not removed even though we are doing in clear environment as possible. 
- Results can be downloaded via internet.
- CD(1,000 Won), DVD(2,000 Won) backup option.
- Dust & scratch removal provided 10,000 Won per required hours after consultation(typically 1 hour required for 100MB)

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